How Physiotherapy Can Help You

Physiotherapy at Stanmore Health can help to treat conditions that impair your physical function, through the use of expert hands-on manual therapy, alongside specific, individualised therapeutic exercise prescription and advice.

  • + Are you looking for relief from your pain?
  • + Prompt recovery and return to your every day and sporting activities?
  • + Future injury prevention?

We are here to help you

Physiotherapy treatment can help to manage a wide spectrum of conditions such as;

  • + Aches and pains
  • + Arthritic pain
  • + Backache
  • + Back pain
  • + Circulatory problems
  • + Cramp
  • + Digestion problems
  • + Joint pains
  • + Lumbago
  • + Muscle spasms
  • + Neuralgia
  • + Fibromyalgia
  • + Minor sports injuries
  • + Tensions

What you can expect…

Your Physiotherapist will;

- Take a thorough case history of your presenting complaints.

- Perform a series of clinical tests to assess the cause of the complaint, analysing the different factors that may be contributing to impair your physical function including muscle weakness, lack of balance and pain.

- Apply manual hands-on treatment and techniques to manipulate and treat your issue, which may include a combination of;

  • + Advanced Massage techniques (see sports massage)
  • + Joint and muscle stretching (mobilisations)
  • + Joint Manipulation (joint clicking: only when required)
  • + Nerve mobilisation

- Create a rehabilitation plan tailored to you as an individual which will consist of exercises that are done with the help and guidance of your therapist and a rehabilitative plan that can be done at home alone or with the help of family or caregivers.

- Give advice about the best management of domestic and working environments in order to optimise the functional strategies of every-day life.

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You will be given

  • + a diagnosis
  • + a simple explanation
  • + specialist effective treatment
  • + expert advise
  • + individualised self management strategies

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