Pregnancy Care, Osteopathy and Massage

Having manual therapy during pregnancy can be a great way to help;

  • + Reduce stress
  • + Improve blood and lymphatic flow
  • + Improve sleep quality
  • + Promote overall wellness and support your body as it adjusts to the postural changes and potential strains of pregnancy. These can arise from your centre of gravity changing and weight increasing, which can contribute back, neck and general muscular aches and pains. Hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy and the production of Relaxin can also cause your ligaments to become more lax which can in turn contribute to postural changes and discomforts around the pelvis.

Our experienced Osteopath and Massage therapist Joseph Gaynor M.Ost & BSc (Hons) is qualified in massage for pregnancy and labour so can provide you with expert and safe massage therapy as part of your prenatal care and well being.

If you have a more specific musculoskeletal-skeletal issue whilst pregnant and are interested in Osteopathic assessment and treatment, you can feel reassured that all of our practitioners at the clinic are qualified Osteopaths and therefore qualified to treatment and assist you during this time and at any stage of pregnancy. We will make adjustments to how we treat you depending on your individual needs and stage of pregnancy but Osteopathy is a safe and effective treatment for you to have throughout your pregnancy and can help with many of the physical musculoskeletal issues that you may encounter. Your practitioner will take time to understand your issue, assess and diagnose the cause, provide treatment in a comfortable, safe and effective way and give you exercises to help you self manage your complaint. Osteopathy can be a fantastic complementary treatment as part of your pre- and post-natal care.

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N.B. Our Pregnancy Massage and Osteopathy treatments are all the same length and price. You can call to book over the phone on 0203 733 8110 or via our online booking system by clicking on the 'Book Online' tab above and selecting the practitioner you would like to see. For Pregnancy Osteopathy sessions, just book for Osteopathy and in the 'notes / special requirements' section of the booking form you can just note that you are pregnant. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Pregnancy Care

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